Developing a Website via Academic-Hugo

It feels good to get something up and running. With websites, I feel like there’s a litany of things that can go wrong. I’ve been playing around with various means of projecting my online image as an academic and PhD hopeful and, the combination I have found that works best for me is Twitter and a Website.

Specifically, I have chosen to use the web development framework “Hugo”, which allows for me to edit and configure my website through Github. Additionally, the Academic theme for Hugo is a particularly good framework for my job. It is easy to setup, has a million options for personalization, and presents material and publications with ease.

My website has some issues, things I don’t quite understand, yet. So, to any potential employers or colleagues who happen to find this site, I apologize in advance for the random Weibo share buttons and the occasional time error (I do not give talks on Bayesian statistics at 12 am…. usually). But, I am striving to push myself to do better, be more professional and simultaneously express who I am. My website and Twitter feed go hand in hand for that.

I aim to occasionally post thoughts about my life as a graduate student here as blog posts but primarily want to share any research I am either reading or writing for my friends and colleagues to also get ahold of. Also, if I give talks, do panel discussions, or actually write something that gets published (high hopes!) I will add it here as well.

Henry David Overos
Graduate Student

PhD candidate at the Department of Government and Politics in the UMD College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. Studies religious mobilization and computational social science.