Henry David Overos

Graduate Student

University of Maryland, College Park

About Henry

Henry Overos is a PhD candidate at the Department of Government and Politics in the UMD College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. His research focuses on religious mobilization and computational social science as well as the intersection of identity and online information campaigns. Currently, Henry is a research assistant at the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Computational Social Science.


  • Religious political mobilization
  • Comparative politics
  • Online information campaigns
  • Computational social science methods
  • Machine learning
  • Bayesian statistical inference


  • PhD in Political Science, Projected, May 2022

    University of Maryland

  • BA in International Relations, French Minor, 2016

    Covenant College

Recent Publications

Religion and Political Mobilization

What is the role of religion in political mobilization? In this chapter, we examine developments in the literature as it considers the …






Machine Learning


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